Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost


Extensive Update Information

A huge game update was implemented on November 15, 2018!

■Atsushi's Awakening
Introducing the brand new Awakening feature and UR Rarity!
To Awaken, simply Evolve certain SSR Characters to SSR+ and level them up to maximum. Then, collect Awakening Materials in Awakening Events, and use them to Awaken your Characters to UR Rarity!
The first Awakening Character is SSR[Beast Beneath The Moonlight] Nakajima Atsushi, and the event to collect Awakening Materials for him is on now!

Event ends November 26th 04:59 UTC

■SSR Guaranteed 11-Play Scout
To celebrate the update, a one time only SSR Guaranteed 11-Play Scout is now open.

Scout ends November 30th 04:59 UTC

■The Dark Age: Main Story Addition
Chapter 13 of the Main Story and a new Battle area were added to the game.
Along with the Main Story continuation, new R・SR Characters Oda Sakunosuke and Sakaguchi Ango were added to the Rare Scout.

■A limited time The Dark Age Scout
A limited time The Dark Age Scout is now open.
This scout features SSR [Youngest Underboss] Dazai Osamu!
The Dark Age Characters will have increased Drop Rates.

Scout ends November 26th 04:59 UTC

■ Announcing Crunchyroll as Co-Publisher!
Tales of the Lost will now be co-published alongside Crunchyroll, provider of the Bungo Stray Dogs anime in North America.
With both companies' experience in management, promotion and content distribution, we will be able to work more closely with our fans.

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